Thursday, February 4, 2010

Change Of Plan.

Above, is a picture of Kate (one of the most beautiful people I know) sitting at our table at Riverbend Books. It’s the table we always sit at when we spend an evening on Oxford St, and will probably sit at tonight when we’re there. Can’t wait for a nice post movie tea with Kate :)

but SHOCK HORROR: it’s not the next picture in the film journal. You see, I’ve changed my mind. I decided that I don’t like this strict structure and order, and I’m gonna do it a wee bit more freestyle. I’ve decided to include pictures that are relevant to me at the time of the post. It’s a lot more interesting for me, and I’m sure, for my MANY followers. Note the sarcasm. I shall attempt to make the majority of the pictures taken by myself, but not always. I have quite the collection of fantastic pictures that I love, taken by people with much more photographic wisdom than I. Sometimes, I may include other forms of visual or auditory media. I may or may not justify their inclusion, let’s just go with it :)